Back To Where It All Began For Family Day Care Expert, Jodie Signorino

Jodie Signorino is on top of things. After spending the last three years working solely in governance advising, the family day care adviser is returning to her first love: training.

Signorino’s love of training started back when workplace training was just being introduced in child care. She established a training program in all of the centre’s she was responsible for that are still going strong to this day. 

Now, almost 30 years on, Jodie will be combining her love of training with her role as the founder of JPS Family Day Care Advisers to enable improved service operation and delivery in the education and care sector.  

“I have always been sought to assist family day care services with their governance arrangements and look forward to doing more of what I love” Signorino said. 

“Bringing my skills to family day care, as opposed to centre based services, I feel like I’m making a real difference, and I am surrounded by people I trust to help me bring robust governance to a sector that has been failing on so many aspects. I am obsessive about governance, policies and systems that, once implemented, make a real difference to the business and of course ultimately the experiences children are getting. I am a parent and an early childhood professional and I believe that family day care is THE ultimate care arrangement for children and families.” 

Jodie’s policies have received acclaim by many managers and other governance advisers, and have been referred to as ‘professional’ and even ‘strict’. But she is proud that the JPS Family Day Care policy and procedures are underpinned with the five governance principles of training, mentoring, monitoring, compliance and quality improvement. Jodie credits her time at working KPV now (ELLA) with establishing her skills in developing policies that actually work, although she insists that even if you have the best policies in the world, if they are not fully implemented then they are a waste of time and money.

One of those who was influential in Jodie’s governance training and understanding was Glenda Glover, who headed up the team of governance advisers for ELLA for over 20 years. Glenda was the one that challenged Jodie and made her think about what governance is and how it differs greatly from managing. Glenda was able to instil in her team of advisers the ability to identify the symptom, whether that be a staff member not performing, a parent complaint, or the governance of the service.

‘It’s all in the governance arrangements, including the delegation of authority!’

Jodie credits this training for her ability to see ‘governance’, and help services identify the cause rather than just addressing the issues.

“If a provider or manager feel they are constantly putting out fires and dealing with same issues over and again, the problem lies in the governance!” 

Unlike Jodie, Glenda will not be pursuing governance in family day care having recently retired to enjoy her new granddaughter.

“Maybe she thinks I have learnt everything I need to know” Jodie laughed. 

However,  Jodie knows Glenda is proud of the adviser she is today. 

Meanwhile, one new adviser that has recently been welcomed into the JPS fold is Vera Vasilchenko, a business adviser that works with services to bring their governance and 3rd party software together for better operations, business optimisation and of course compliance with the family assistance law. With Vera joining the JPS team they are a one stop shop to getting your governance structure right for improvement.

“I remember thinking governance and management were the same thing. Because I was a manger I though I totally understood governance. How wrong was I back then. Since focusing on governance I now know the difference and would like providers who run a service and educators who run a home business to know the difference, I want to see family day care re-build their reputation and climb the quality ladder with confidence and professional practice’ Jodie explained. 

Signorino herself has become an influencer of sorts, with people she has worked with and trained going on to achieve great things in the education and care sector. In fact, it has been the advisers Jodie has worked with that have helped her to develop a complete governance package for family day care services.

Her influence, it seems, has extended to her home life, too. Jodie, who shares one child, Eloise, with husband Michael believes her daughter has already grasped the importance of policy development and implementation which is evident in her dealings with her school and school groups she has become a part of.

“I didn’t get it until my thirties, but at 14 she already gets the importance. It’s great to see her taking an interest in my work. In her head she is already a leader” Jodie laughed.

The Must-Have Tool Every Family Day Care Educator Needs Right Now

As a family day care educator, understanding the law surrounding running a child care business from home is THE most important knowledge you need.

The law is designed to keep children (and you) safe and protected.

Educators come from a range of diverse backgrounds, with qualifications in early childhood education and care, not law, and while we all know we have to follow the rules, there is a definite need for a simpler way to stay on track rather than searching through hundreds of pages of legislation or policies.

The JPS Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators takes the stress and formality out of legislation and policies and provides educators with a simple workbook to help them build and manage their home business that meets the regulations and National Quality Standards. 

The JPS Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators is designed for educators working from home to keep them safe and compliant under the National Quality Framework.

As I always say ‘the goal’ should be achieving  Meeting the National Quality Standard in your business. 

You can always book a session with me to make sure you have it all right … with the knowledge and systems in place to protect your business and at the same time remain viable. 

Don’t worry about the regulatory authority or the Ratings and Assessment process again, should they come to your home, these tips will get your business where you need to be

Family day care educators differ greatly from their centre based counterparts as they are liable for fines under the education and care  regulations and are more often that not the ‘frontline’ face of the Service, dealing with families questions or queries that are essentially not yours to deal with; making the role of family day care educator much more riskier and challenging than it would be to work in a centre.

Now? having said all of that; the flexibility and benefits that come from working from home, providing child care to children so they can experience every day activities such as going to the fruit shop or not having to wait for educators attention in a room with 20 other children and the benefit of life-long relationships between educators and families that we only see FROM family day care, is why we do it, Right?

Theres is no doubt in my head that family day care is the ‘optimal’ model for children’s early years experiences

Educators who work from home, not only impede on their own family  but as I said ‘carry a greater risk’. 

JPS advisers has worked hard with the sector to identify those risks and support educators to risk manage and plan their business to keep them and of course children safe! 



7 Reasons Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start A Family Day Care Business

Start a family day care
Start a family day care

Family day care is becoming a preferred option for child care for many families, as the benefits of children being cared for in a home environment with a qualified professional become increasingly apparent. So, if you’ve been thinking you’d like to start a family day care business, now is the perfect time.

Here are seven reasons why now is the perfect time for you to make the leap, and start a family day care business.

1. You are in control of your professional development: When you decide to take control of your own career, your potential is in your hands, not someone else’s. You can develop your own program around your philosophies and values, and can become known as a specialist in the areas of child care you enjoy the most. Becoming known as an expert in your chosen area could lead to professional opportunities such as writing books or giving training in what you have become known for.

2. You get to run your own business: While many people can only dream of running a business from their home, you will have everything you need to build the career you want, and to do meaningful work as you guide children to a bright future. Family day care professionals have access to quality support services, such as JPS Advisers. Check out our Business of a Family Day Care Educator online training course here, or sign up to get our free business planning template to create your blueprint for your business. 

3. Inspiration: A benefit of social media is the inspiration you will have at your fingertips when you start a family day care business. Children in child care deserve to have passionate and inspired people around them, so it’s important to check out what others in your field are doing. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook groups are a good way to connect with others because business owners and educators love sharing ideas. Before you know it, you’ll be finding new ways to add your own style, flair, and expertise to your educational program, and you’ll have your own mini cheer squad supporting you. Like the JPS Family Day Care Advisers Facebook page to connect with like-minded peers.

4. Support and resources: If you become a service provider or educator, you may find yourself worrying if your family day care business is compliant. Finding you way through legislation can be tough, however, there are experts that provide a range of services, including coaching, training, resources and advice. Support services like this, such as JPS Advisers, can help ensure your business is meeting its obligations, meaning you won’t have to worry about the authorised officers closing you down when they turn up.

5. Fast growth: Because family day care is in such high demand, qualified and skilled individuals now have the opportunity to take the lead in the market and build a reputation as a quality family day care business. 

6. Demand: There is no doubt that family day care is growing to be a popular as a choice for families with parents who work or study. Many families are seeing the benefits of having their children looked after in smaller groups with flexible, nurturing, and individual learning. If you have the qualifications and skills, then your community needs you!

7. Make a difference and create a legacy: Every game we play, every challenge we help children meet, and every accomplishment we help them achieve, will leave an impression on our children for a lifetime. If you are passionate about a giving children the right start, to play a role in shaping our future generation, and to help make those first memories beautiful and cherished, then it’s time for you to reach your potential and build a business that is going to make a difference.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory bank of our children” – Charles R Swindoll 

If you are an educational professional, and you’d like to get started on building a rewarding business, then family day care is a brilliant opportunity for you to share your knowledge and experience. There has never been a better time to get started.

P.S. Deciding to start a family day care business can be overwhelming, especially one where you are responsible for the education, care and safety of children. That’s why JPS Advisers have put together “The Family Day Care Educators’ Survival Guide”. This book contains the most comprehensive information available for family day care educators. It is packed full of procedures, tips, and recommendations to guide you to business growth and success.


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