The JPS Policies and Procedures Manual for Family Day Care Services


I’ve done the hard work you!

The JPS Policy and Procedures Manual took over 12 months to create and has passed Service Approval hundreds of times. 

Service Providers and applicants applying for Service Approval are responsible for their policies and procedures and these policies have everything they are required to have including prescribed forms such as enrolment, incident, educator register, risk assessment and staff record templates etc. 

Policies and procedures are the ‘tool’ to communicate the law and your expectations to your educators and staff.  

The JPS Policies and Procedures Manual for Family Day Care Services is designed with the Education and Care National Regulations r. 168 and r.169, and the Child Care Provider and Additional Child Care Subsidy (Child wellbeing) handbooks and contains over 30 policies to ensure you Meet the National Standard.

The manual includes procedures to ensure services:

  • Remain compliant.
  • Have  sound delegation of authority and reporting processes.  
  • Establish and maintain monitoring, mentoring and networking  to avoid fraud and embed best practice. 
  • Develop and implement annual training and staff appraisal systems
  • Implement ongoing improvement strategies. 
  • Recruit and induct educators accordingly.  
  • Orientate and engage families. 
  • Conduct investigative, counselling, disciplinary, and reporting processes  ‘if things go wrong
  • Maintain a ‘Meeting’ standard in accordance with the National Quality Framework. 

Policies and Procedures are the cornerstone to a quality, compliant service with sound business operations. You don’t need to ‘subscribe’ for monthly payments to make sure your policies are up to date, it’s a one off purchase for the manual and I will let you know and make available to you any individual policies you may need based on legislative or Departmental requirements.  

Educators work from their home, the service owners work from an office elsewhere and the coordinators work somewhere in between. That’s why it is important that your family day care business has consistent processes and procedures in place of how decisions are made, by whom and when and it is this manual that will ensure fair and equitable practices across the sites you are responsible for.

The JPS Policy manual is the only one, written by me, a recognised education and care governance adviser FOR family day care services, NOT long day care centres (very different service types).