The JPS Policies and Procedures Manual V11.01.2020


Family Day Care creates and allows freedom of choice for people wanting to work from home, and families preferring to use family day care rather than centre based care. But it’s the service provider (or scheme) that is responsible for the service’s policies and procedures.

Policies and procedures are your ‘tool’ to communicate the law and your expectations to your educators and staff.  

The JPS policies are designed with the Education and Care National Regulations r. 168 and r.169, and the Child Care Provider and Additional Child Care Subsidy (Child wellbeing) handbooks. The JPS policy manual contains 33 policies, prescribed records and useful resources to meet the National Quality Framework, or for service approval applications.

The JPS policy manual contains procedures for:

  • Monitoring, mentoring and networking across the service at all levels
  • Developing and implementing the annual training plan and staff appraisal system
  • Keeping your quality improvement plan current and up to date
  • Recruiting and inducting educators and staff into your business
  • Orientating and engaging families in your service
  • Counselling, disciplinary, and reporting systems to support ‘when things go wrong

Now is the opportunity to ensure your family day care is a professional service that is a fully booked, utilised profitable business. You will receive your manual and corresponding templates ie. medication record, educator register etc. in an email marked, JPS Advisers order is now complete, please download to your hard drive. The link will expire in 14 days.

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