7 Reasons Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start A Family Day Care Business

Family day care is becoming a preferred option for child care for many families, as the benefits of children being cared for in a home environment with a qualified professional become increasingly apparent. With tougher legislation introduced to weed out dishonest operators, the industry is now in need of professionals to run and lead a service, as well as qualified educators to care for children in their home.

If you’ve ever considered using your passion and skills to work in family day care, then here are seven reasons why now is the perfect time for you to make the leap.

1. Industry overhaul – Over the past few years, family day care has gone through one of the biggest shakeups seen in any industry in Australian history. While fraudulent operators tarnished the reputation of family day care, our industry is becoming strong again. Tougher legislation introduced by the government is giving peace of mind to families, because they know family day care businesses must now remain compliant or they will be shut down.

2. You get to run your own business: While many people can only dream of running a business from their home, you will have everything you will need to not only chase your dreams, but to provide meaningful work as you guide our children to a bright future.  Family day care professionals have access to quality support services, such as JPS Advisers, to help you every step of the way, from the planning through to building and growing a successful business. (Check out our Top 7 Tips For Growing Your Family Day Care Business here)

3. Inspiration: A benefit of social media is the inspiration you will have at your fingertips. Children in child care deserve to have passionate and inspired people around them, so it’s important to check out what others in your field are doing. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook groups are a good way to connect with others because business owners and educators love sharing ideas. Before you know it, you’ll be finding new ways to add your own style, flair, and expertise to your educational program, and you’ll have your own mini cheer squad supporting you.

4. Support and resources: If you become a service provider or educator, you may find yourself worrying if your family day care business is compliant. Finding you way through legislation can be tough, however, there are experts that provide a range of services, including coaching, training, resources and advice. Support services like this, such as JPS Advisers, can help ensure your business is meeting its obligations, meaning you won’t have to worry about authorised officers turning up and closing you down.

5. Fast growth: Because so many family day care services were shut down when tougher legislation was introduced, honest, qualified and skilled individuals now have the opportunity to take the lead in the market and build a reputation as a quality family day care business. 

6. Demand: There is no doubt that family day care is growing to be a popular as a choice for families with parents who work or study. Many families are seeing the benefits of moving their children away from institutionalised care to a more flexible, nurturing, and individual learning. If you have the qualifications and skills, then your community needs you!

7. Make a difference and create a legacy: Every game we play, every challenge we help children meet, and every accomplishment we help them achieve, will leave an impression on our children for a lifetime. If you are passionate about a giving children the right start, to play a role in shaping our future generation, and to help make those first memories beautiful and cherished, then it’s time for you to reach your potential and build a business that is going to make a difference.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory bank of our children” – Charles R Swindoll 

If you are a qualified educational professional, and you’d like to get started on building a rewarding business, then family day care is a brilliant opportunity for you to share your knowledge and experience. There has never been a better time to get started.

P.S. Starting a new business can be overwhelming, especially one where you are responsible for the education,care and safety of children. That’s why JPS Advisers have put together “The Family Day Care Educators’ Survival Guide”. This book contains the most comprehensive information available for family day care educators. It is packed full of procedures, tips, and recommendations to guide you to business growth and success.

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