The Must-Have Tool Every Family Day Care Educator Needs Right Now

As a family day care educator, understanding the law surrounding running a child care business from home is THE most important knowledge you need.

The law is designed to keep children (and you) safe and protected.

Educators come from a range of diverse backgrounds, with qualifications in early childhood education and care, not law, and while we all know we have to follow the rules, there is a definite need for a simpler way to stay on track rather than searching through hundreds of pages of legislation or policies.

The JPS Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators takes the stress and formality out of legislation and policies and provides educators with a simple workbook to help them build and manage their home business that meets the regulations and National Quality Standards. 

The JPS Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators is designed for educators working from home to keep them safe and compliant under the National Quality Framework.

As I always say ‘the goal’ should be achieving  Meeting the National Quality Standard in your business. 

You can always book a session with me to make sure you have it all right … with the knowledge and systems in place to protect your business and at the same time remain viable. 

Don’t worry about the regulatory authority or the Ratings and Assessment process again, should they come to your home, these tips will get your business where you need to be

Family day care educators differ greatly from their centre based counterparts as they are liable for fines under the education and care  regulations and are more often that not the ‘frontline’ face of the Service, dealing with families questions or queries that are essentially not yours to deal with; making the role of family day care educator much more riskier and challenging than it would be to work in a centre.

Now? having said all of that; the flexibility and benefits that come from working from home, providing child care to children so they can experience every day activities such as going to the fruit shop or not having to wait for educators attention in a room with 20 other children and the benefit of life-long relationships between educators and families that we only see FROM family day care, is why we do it, Right?

Theres is no doubt in my head that family day care is the ‘optimal’ model for children’s early years experiences

Educators who work from home, not only impede on their own family  but as I said ‘carry a greater risk’. 

JPS advisers has worked hard with the sector to identify those risks and support educators to risk manage and plan their business to keep them and of course children safe! 



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