Everyone talks about branding and marketing, but not many of us know what it involves. Branding and marketing is central to setting your family day care business apart from others. It is what will keep your business viable, because a strong brand will stay in the mind of your target customers and you will be who they turn to when they need family day care.

The Branding and Marketing Guide for Service Providers

This Branding and Marketing Guide for Family Day Care Approved Service Providers will assist you in the development of your position in the market, what message you want to send to your clients and the calibre of educators and staff you are looking to recruit.

The 8-page JPS Branding and Marketing Guide for Approved Service Providers contains:

  • Information to help you understand the difference between marketing and branding – learn why it is important to create a brand that connects to the emotions of your target audience.
  • A template to plan out your marketing objectives – map to your strategy to help position your family day care business in a growing and  competitive market.
  • A sample branding mood board – to help you create a visual side of your brand.
  • Branding and marketing tips – a few ideas to help you get in the groove with your marketing and branding strategy.

Download the Branding and Marketing Guide for Approved Service Providers today and use it in conjunction with Policies and Procedures and the Business Planning Template. Not only will you be giving yourself the best chance to improve your ratings, you will also be building a brand that represents the soul of your business, so you attract the right kind of customers to help your business grow.

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