Learn and Know Session with a Governance Adviser


Family Day Care Advice is here!

Book a Learn and Know Session with me, a recognised governance expert. 

If you have any question about family day care, you will find your answer here, you only need to ask. 

Spending time with me is guaranteed to give you more than what you thought would be a simple answer, if it’s a yes or no,  I’m pretty sure you would have found that out already. If you’re unsure or receiving conflicting information, or worse relying on friends, I will clarify what you are thinking or have been told, there are many myths out there. 

I will help you with: 

  • Preparing your applications for approval. 
  • Prepare for a Ratings visit.
  • Receiving a Notice of Sanction.
  • Incident management. 
  • Staffing or educator questions (recruitment or performance). 
  • Increasing revenue and utilisation.
  • What to include in your policies to embed practice.
  • The educational program that is not Meeting the Standards.
  • Formal processes to manage insubordinate behaviour and so much more. 

No matter your role or where you are on your family day care journey, I will help.

It’s like having a chat with a regulatory officer, business adviser and mentor all rolled into one. Thank you Jodie!” M. Ferguson. (Approved Provider). QLD. Australia.

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