Business of a Family Day Care Educator Course


Do you want to be thought of as an education professional, and not a babysitter? Keep reading.

The Business of a Family Day Care Educator course is designed to give you everything you need to get established, improve, or grow your family day care business. 

The Business of a Family Day Care Educator course includes:

  • A business plan template – the same template I use for all of my clients to map out their business blueprint
  • My Branding and Marketing handbook to help you design your marketing strategy and stand out against competitors
  • Home Safety Assessment Tools
  • A Budget / Cash Flow Template so you can stay in control your finances
  • ​Registers to record medical incidents, visitors, and more
  • ​Customer Service Strategies
  • ​Tips for developing your philosophies, policies, and procedures – the cornerstone to your business.

This course will cover what you need to know, with video tutorials, downloadable templates, and tips and advice from Jodie Signorino, the Australian founder of JPS Family Day Care Services, and a recognised early childhood education expert.

It’s a business, right?

Family day care is a booming industry, but for your business to be successful you need to position yourself in the market as a reputable and professional service. The Business of a Family Educator course will help you reach the benchmark needed to build the viable business you want, and the quality service families need.

The Business of a Family Day Care Educator course: Who are JPS Family Day Care Advisers

JPS Family Day Care Advisers is committed to family day care as a quality child care option for families, with wonderful, life-long benefits for children. We have coached and supported over 1000 people to either get approval to operate (with a 98% success rate), improve their quality and rating standard, deliver the educational program, or develop operating procedures for growth and improvement.


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