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For Family Day Care Providers and Educators

Do you want to grow and improve your family day care business, but are spending all of your time putting accountability measures in place?

If you are a service provider or educator, and find yourself worrying if your family day care business is compliant, JPS Advisers can provide a range of services, including coaching, training, resources and advice. We can help ensure your business is meeting its obligations, so you no longer have to worry about authorised officers turning up and closing you down.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you set up and run your service (scheme). We have resources and training available to guide you each step of the way. From obtaining service approval to running your family day care business efficiently, we can help you grow and succeed.

With services closing at an alarming rate, you can’t leave your compliance audit any longer.


Coaching, Training, Professional Improvement And Resources

If you’re committed to your family day care service, and want to implement an education and care governance structure, we work with you to ensure you build the service you want, and achieve your future business goals.

JPS Advisers work with family day care services to identify, rectify, and comply in order to improve their service delivery in accordance with State and Federal requirements.



Book an online consultation today, ask any question and let Jodie identify your top three governance issues or areas for improvement, let me support you through a staff issue, a notification or prepare for Ratings and Assessment. 

Book an on-line consult for only $35.00 for immediate results. 

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Policies And Procedures

One of the biggest challenges in family day care is policies not being fully utilised to guide the delivery of a consistent service approach. Policies provide clear guidance, roles and responsibilities and procedures to be implemented and followed in both everyday practice and in the event of an incident. 

By having policies that are clear and concise and make sense, they are more likely to be used, therefore keeping you compliant. 

Policies are your service’s backbone. 

We offer a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, available individually or as a set, approved by the Department of Education and Training.

Simple, easy to read and to implement, these policies will see your service meet the legislation for both Education and Care, as well as Family Assistance Law. Complete with templates and strategies to ensure sound governance, our policies help you avoid making costly mistakes. With our added service of providing simple updates when required – you can’t go wrong!

Total set of policies $799

Updates available from $24.00 

No more costly subscriptions and printing runs!


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