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Hi, I'm Jodie Signorino.

A recognised governance and leadership expert in education and care services, specialising in family day care.

The application process to becoming a service provider can be challenging and overwhelming. 

I can help you. I have a 99% success rate of approvals being granted.

Learn about my Approved Provider Accelerator Program here or check out other resources that will help you.


Not sure how to enforce legislation in your service to ensure ‘everyone’ is compliant and capable? 

I have a range of resources for you, and can coach you through strategies to ensure you are operating a compliant, quality education and care service. 




It’s your home and your business right? 

I have a range of accessible  resources for educators working from home to run a successful, compliant, fully booked, profitable education and care business.



Jodie has helped me in so many ways. She has boosted my confidence and has taught me so many things.  This has been the best investment I have done for myself.  Thanks Jodie.

~ Ahmed K.


Coaching, Training, Professional Development and Resources for
Family Day Care

Are you worried about being assessed? Do you know if  educators at your service are following your policies and procedures? Do you know how to enforce the legislation across your service to ensure you would be rated as compliant if the authorities visited you today?

By working with me you will no longer need to worry about:

Learn & Know Consultations

I can help you build the family day care business you want.

I’ve helped hundreds of service providers establish and improve their family day care service by sharing the strategies needed to build a professional and financially viable business. 

I work with applicants, educatorscoordinatorseducational leaders, and service providers, as well as people wanting to commence their family day care journey

Policies And Procedures, Our Number One Resource

Having policies that are clear, concise and make sense are more likely to be implemented and embedded, making sure your service is always complying with the National Quality Framework. The JPS policies replace the need for printing policy books or subscriptions and can be updated as needed individually and will enable you to:

  • Strengthen your systems and processes to be Meeting the National Quality Standards
  • Always have processes for monitoring and supporting educators
  • Provide constant professional improvement for your service, by your service
  • Have clear communication and reporting processes
  • Induct and orientate educators and families to mitigate fraud and collusion

Overall, sound policies in family day care leads to improved professional practice.

Meet Jodie Signorino,
founder and director of
JPS Family Day Care Advisers.

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