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Hi, I'm Jodie.

I teach family day care leaders the action steps needed for recruiting quality educators, increasing utilisation, preparing for ratings and assessments, and the governance strategies needed to build a compliant and profitable service.

JPS Family Day Care

Family Day Care Educators

Run your own child care service from home. JPS has a range of resources to get your business started, compliant and growing.


Service Providers

Running an approved family day care service in Australia? JPS has a range of resources and supports to grow and improve your family day care business, from recruiting the right educators for your business, developing your leadership team, ratings and assessment and so much more.

Become An Approved Service Provider

Are you ready to start your own family day care service? Let JPS assist you through the three stringent applications to achieve your goal.


This course has helped me in so many ways.  It has boosted my confidence and has taught many things.  This has been the best investment I have done for my self.  Thanks Jodie.

~ Ahmed K.

Coaching, Training, Professional Improvement And Resources For Family Day Care

Are you always worried and working hard in your family day care service but not achieving what you want or facing the same issues over and over again? We can work with you to not only address what the problem or barrier may be, but how to overcome it once and for all.

By working with JPS you will be able to:

You won’t need to worry about:

JPS’s goal is that you learn these strategies and apply them to your business so you can grow and improve without the need for us in the future.


Learn and Know Sessions

The world is much smaller and people can come together easier than ever before, follow the link to schedule a time with Jodie, in almost all cases what you may be experiencing Jodie can identify in one consultation and prioritise the top three barriers you may be experiencing. Enjoy the technology of a face to face meeting with Jodie, share documents and resources just like you would in any meeting.
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Policies And Procedures, Our Number One Resource

One of the biggest challenges in family day care is policies not being fully utilised to guide the delivery of a consistent business approach. Policies provide clear guidance, roles and responsibilities and should be implemented and followed by everyone daily.

Having policies that are clear and concise and make sense are more likely to be implemented, making sure your service is always complying with the National Quality Framework, the JPS policies replace the need for printing policy books or subscriptions and can be updated as needed individually and will enable you to:

  • Strengthen your systems and processes to be Meeting the National Quality Standards
  • Always have processes for monitoring and supporting educators
  • Provide constant professional improvement for your service, by your service
  • Have clear communication and reporting processes
  • Induct and orientate educators and families to mitigate fraud and collusion

Overall, sound policies in family day care leads to improved professional practice.

Still got
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Still got
a question?