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I have put together a selection of responses to commonly asked questions designed to direct and support your family day care journey on a successful path.

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Before we begin, just to be sure we are using the same terminology, I have included a video here. If you are relatively new to family day care, or just want clarity on responsibilities, it’s worth a few minutes of your time. 

Family Day Care

There are three applications you need to get through in order to operate an approved service, including the application to be approved to offer child care subsidy to families.  

1. Approved Provider Application (State Regulatory Authority)

2. Service Approval Application (State Regulatory Authority) 

3. Child Care Subsidy Application (Commonwealth Regulatory Authority)

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Plan for approximately eighteen months for the three applications, however you can be operating within six months of Service Approval being granted.

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You will however, need to prove to the Regulatory Authorities that you have the  capabilities, knowledge and skills to run an approved education and care service. People bring a range of skills with them from previous jobs or careers including accounting, management, retail etc. Early childhood qualifications and experience are favourable to the role, there is no doubt about that, but not necessary. 

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Ultimately, it will come down to you and your ability to apply the regulations to scenarios and questions put to you by the Regulatory Authority’s. Essentially, you have to prove you are capable of operating an education and care service and no one but you can do that for you.  

Coaching sessions are invaluable to your preparation to hold a conversation that shows your understanding of  the legislation and prepare you for the  assessments. 

Think of it like preparing for a maths exam, the  better prepared the better the  results. 

Coaching packages range in investment, depending on your goals. To find out more about coaching watch this video

If you have any more questions relating to coaching, follow this link to book a free session to discuss your individual goals and needs. 

It is NOT recommended the policies are submitted without first ensuring the policies: 

– Are personalised to your business’ name 

– Contain your Statement of Philosophy 

– Operational procedures are suited to you  

Policies and procedures are a requirement of both the state and federal regulatory authority and are essential for:

– Applications

– Compliance 

– Operations 

Find out more about the JPS Policies and Procedures here.  

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There are minimum requirements to be a family day care educator (care for children from your  home). Your home has to be safe, you need to have a minimum qualification in early childhood, first aid, anaphylaxis 

You have to be able to meet the Early Childhood Education and Care Regulations which includes you having to: 

– Develop and implement an educational program for the children

– Conduct risk assessments

– Follow emergency management plans 

–  Maintain a range of documentation and reports 

– Be able to supervise children at all times 

If you are starting out, here are some resources for you;

– See if your home is safe enough with this assessment

– This Business Plan will get your home business started

–  The JPS Survival Guide for Educators which is to help educators meet the strict regulations. 

Educator Policies and Procedures for educators working from home to improve and grow your home business. 

– You can always chat with directly, I am only a zoom away. 



I can assist you to do your self-assessment or I can conduct it for you. I will develop a quality improvement plan tailored to your Service’s needs and goals with realistic time-frames taking into consideration your team’s strengths, to position your service for success.

I can support you as little or as much as you need to ensure the quality improvement plan is fully implemented through regular coaching and mentoring

If you have only have a short period of time, or time is running out, call me for a discussion around short term planning and support I may be able to offer you. 



Everything you see here is designed by me, every resource, blog post, youtube video, consultation and training is designed to improve your family day care service, build your utilisation and grow your business.

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