DIY Policy and Procedures Template


Develop Your Own Service Policies and Procedures.

Policies and procedures are the foundation of a family day care service. They inform educators, staff, families, visitors and students of their obligations whilst at your service. Policies and procedures let everyone know what to do, how to do it, who to inform or notify, and what documentation to complete and store.

Policies are your ‘tool’ to build the legislation into your everyday operations, it’s what makes your service unique. Each educator’s home, surroundings, and environment is different, which goes to say each educator’s ‘way’ of doing things will be different. By developing strong policies, you help them build their own style whilst working within your expectations and, of course, the legislation.

Whether you’re preparing for service approval application or simply updating what you have, the JPS policies templates gives you a head start:

  • Each policy links to the source including legislation and resources
  • Provides a best practice statement to set the tone for each policy and guide your obligations
  • Outline responsibilities of the approved provider, educators, nominated supervisor, coordinators, staff, visitors and families
  • Developed in accordance with Education and Care Services National Regulations 168 and 169

If you’ve never developed policies, and let’s face it… how many people have? This is the guiding document that will establish and grow your family day care business.

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