Who Is The ‘Accidental Hero’ at JPS?

I know that making the decision to start a family day care business can be scary. It is a big commitment, and the amount of information you need to take in can be overwhelming. So, when JPS released the Approved Provider Online Training Program, we knew it was going to be a great resource for people who were going through the application process. But what we didn’t realise was how useful this program was going to be for established service providers.

Let me explain how the Approved Provider Online Training Course has become an accidental hero here at JPS.

The Approved Provider Online Training Course is an online video training program participants complete at their own pace. It includes a workbook that outlines scenarios supervisors and coordinators may be faced with when they attend an educator’s home, including policies and procedures not being followed.

The person completing the course must come up with a strategy for how each situation must be handled. For example, which legislation needs to be referred to, what extra training the educator may need, any disciplinary action needed, and follow up monitoring and mentoring that may need to take place. Each participant gets a certificate at the end of the training, signed by me, a recognised industry expert.

Now, the reason why the program has become an accidental hero, is because it is also an excellent tool to use in the professional development of coordinators and nominated supervisors, even if your business has been running for a while. By having a practice run through these scenarios, your staff will be better prepared to handle challenging situations quickly and effectively. That will help them be more confident in their role, and will give you peace of mind knowing potential risks to your service have been mitigated.

Additionally, given that your business is required to provide regular professional development opportunities for your team, the JPS Approved Provider Online Training Course is a perfect refresher training course that is presented by a recognised family day care expert (me!). And, just imagine how good having a certificate of completion on each of your team members’ files will look when the department audits your service.

If you want to check out the JPS Approved Provider Online Training Course, take a look here https://connect.jpsadvisers.com.au/start-your-own-family-day-care-service


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