Downloadable Family Day Care Educator Survival Guide


Do you want to be a family day care educator, or are you still unsure of how to operate your home in a compliant manner, or is the service you are registered with always on ‘your back‘?

The JPS Family Day Care Educator Survival Guide takes the formality and fear out of working in highly regulated environment. Applying the Education and Care Legislation is a big responsibility, this guide removes the fear, uncertainty and formality from the legislation and presents it in a manner that is easily achievable for all family day care educators.

Family day care educators are at risk, I know this because I assist service providers to terminate educators not meeting the standards as part of my everyday job. Educators need to operate within legislation in order to remain in business, it’s that simple!

This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with my the JPS Advisers Youtube channel, making this the most comprehensive, affordable professional development available to you and best of all, you will end up with your very own Quality Improvement Plan. With Approved Providers having greater expectations to at least Meet the National Standards, you have to do your bit to remain a registered family day care educator.

The JPS Family Day Care Educator Survival Guide is a trusted resource for an educator committed to providing quality child care and will help you to: 

  • Understand how to apply the regulations through everyday simple practices
  • Build compliance into your home and your particular environment
  • Ensure documentation is up to date, confidential and meets the requirements 
  • Develop processes to meet the service’s policies and procedure
  • Understand fines (up to $10,000) and how they apply to you 
  • Develop your own Quality Improvement Plan 
  • Know your rights and how to choose a reputable service provider

So join my 8,000 strong educator base that use my resources for professional development.