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Know Your Risks And Be Prepared For Rating And Assessment

JPS Advisers come to you!

Unsure of what is really going on in educators homes? Always worried? Not sure why you’re not improving in the ratings?

Do you feel like you’re putting more and more procedures in place yet still finding non-compliances in educator’s homes? Stop the cycle once and for all. 

Jodie will come to you and conduct a service review and risk assessment, imagine the regulatory authority coming for a spot visit and leaving behind a customised quality improvement plan based on your specific needs?

A quality improvement plan that will provide both long and short-term strategies and solutions so your service will: 

  1. Continually meet the requirements of the Education and Care National Law and Regulations 
  2. Have a customised Quality Improvement Plan to achieve your Ratings goal within 6 months 
  3. Have a leadership team with strengthened governance and leadership 

This is a ‘stress free’ starting point to achieving your goals  and will result in;

  1. Knowing where you are likely to be rated so you can make the changes needed to achieve your aspirations
  2. Determine source, or sources of possible non-compliance or barriers to improvement and ensure children’s safety at all times. 
  3. A quality improvement plan based on your needs and specific circumstances 
  4. A training and professional development plan to get you there
  5. Strengthened management and governance 

As a recognised governance and management expert by the regulatory authority for education and care services, find out how Jodie has helped others save and improve their family day care business. 

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  • Family Day Care Service Review/Assessment

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What People Say

“This has without a doubt, been the best experience for me as a manager and for the coordinators, I have seen so much improvement since undertaking the review”
F. Leremia.
Sunbury, Victoria
“A light went on!”
M. Taleb
Glenroy, Victoria
“My coordinators are so much more efficient. I feel we are now heading in the right direction. I enjoyed my holiday for the first time since having this business”
I. Mohammad
Ascot Vale, Victoria
“It just makes so much sense”
N. Salaad


I have put together a range of ‘snippet’ videos for you to use in your meetings or to share with individuals in your service. 

These videos are designed to provide ‘key’ points, referred to as The Cognitive Load Theory, a theory that supports delivering key messages which can be built upon over time or set the foundation for self-education. 

Each of the videos relates directly to education and care service delivery and are aimed at ensuring everyone is operating at a minimum of ‘Meeting‘ the National Quality Standard

How your service can benefit? 

Decide on a topic for your next meeting or session with your team, develop a lesson plan and decide and gather resources you feel you need. Play the video and then deliver the relevant content to your audience. Easy! 

If you are unfamiliar with course delivery, don’t worry I can get that organised for you too, book a short online session with me. Take control of your service’s professional development. 

Make sure each of your educators download the JPS Survival Guide for Educators to use as their own self-education and professional improvement plan!

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Still got
a question?