About JPS Advisers

JPS Family Day Care Advisers is committed to family day care as a quality child care option for families, with wonderful, life-long benefits for children, families and educators. JPS has advised, coached and supported thousands of people to either get approval to operate (with a 98% success rate), improve their services quality and rating standard, develop and deliver quality educational programs to children and improved utilisations rates across Australia. 

I have worked with applicants wanting to operate their own family day care service (a much more cost effective way to enter into child care as an owner/operator), educators (predominantly women, who want or need to work from home), coordinators (wanting to make a real difference with their leadership skills), educational leaders (ensuring children are receiving quality educational programs that meets the required outcomes from a home environment), and service providers (who are running a child care business with million dollar turnovers). 

Governance is crucial no matter how big or small your business is or which stage you are at in your family day care journey Quality Area 7, Leadership and Management, is the key to success and my speciality. 


JPS Family Day Care Advisers is the Australia wide consultant working alongside ELAA (Early Learning Associations Australia) to improve Education and Care Service in the Family Day Care Sector. 

Although JPS, founded by me, specialises in family day care, I have worked with thousands of kindergartens and long day care services but not only do I recognise the vast differences between centre based services and home based services, I believe, family day care, when done right, IS the optimal child care model for children. 

I have put all of my skills, resources, training and knowledge into supporting and improving family day care, saving you hours of work, stress and avoiding having your application rejected (I have even told people they are not ready to pass the approved provider assessment and assisted them develop a plan that will see them approved in the future). I have assisted countless service providers work with regulatory authorities after receiving a Notice of Sanction to remain operating, yes, I have saved many services from closing. My thirty plus year career in education and care service management and leadership will help you, I guarantee it!  

Find out why I’m so highly sought out by so many, a quick chat is all it takes to prove how I can assist you, with the most common phrase I hear is  “Oh, that makes sense” 

Join my over 10,000 strong community delivering, or wanting to deliver, family day care services. 



Why Do I focus on Family Day Care? 

  • Many leaders in family day care are new to management or have little or no leadership training in education and care leadership.
  • Over 50% of family day care services are NOT Meeting the National Standards 
  • Over 70% of applications CCS (Child Care Subsidy) applications for family day care are rejected. 
  • 100% of family day care services operate in their ‘own’ local communities, resulting in HIGH levels of fraudulent CCS claims.
  • Legal liability lies solely with the Approved Provider. 
  • Family day care educators are subject to fines from the Regulatory Authority. 
  • Sub-standard training by some RTOs have targeted family day care educators.
  • Education and Care training focuses on Centre Based care NOT Family Day Care, resulting in poorly prepared educators. 
  • Federal and State Governments  have both cited the Governance as the number one problem facing family day care.  
  • Children experience more love and acceptance  in family day care, yet face greater risk of harm. 

Meet the JPS Family Day Care Advisers Team


Jodie Signorino
Founder and Director
Early Childhood Education Governance Expert

I am passionate that children have quality experiences which comes from my initial early childhood training and working an as educator. I have continued my training and professional development to include the Rights of the child,  Early Childhood Development, Management of Human Services. and have also studied business, marketing, communication and conflict resolution.

I am an experienced Governance and Management Adviser and have held positions with a peak Australian Body, held numerous positions that have altered the ‘child care’ sector from being involved in the development of the National Standards,  writing training packages for Australian Accredited Training, was involved in the establishment of ‘cluster management’ to the closure or poor operation across Victoria in the 90’s. So, yes, I have done it all.  

I have also studied Adult Learning, Training and Facilitation, and HR/IR and believe people who work directly with children should be considered and consider themselves ‘educators‘ in every sense of the word. I also believe and advocate for service providers to hold themselves to the highest standard of governance and professional practice, which enables us to provide robust education systems, to which we are ethically and legally bound to. 

I live in Melbourne, Victoria, with my husband Michael, and our daughter, Eloise and am known in the sector as  ‘the fixer’, although don’t ask me any questions about cooking! 

Nice to meet you. 



Lynda Cahill
Business Content Strategist
Branding and Marketing Guru.

Lynda works alongside me at JPS to create educational content to help family day care professionals start and grow their business. She helps me to create workbooks, training courses, blog posts, newsletters, and content for the JPS social media platforms.

Lynda is a study and planning nerd, who believes we should not limit our learning to the walls of a classroom. She publishes blog posts and a magazine on her Incited Media website to inspire people to embrace self-education. Lynda lives in the Macedon Ranges with her husband, David, and their daughter, Avah.

Lynda has studied journalism, marketing, branding and advertising. She is my right hand and helps me to also produce videos and makes everything ‘look good’. She has a keen eye for branding and graphics and I couldn’t do what I do without her, oh and we grew up together, so we have many ‘sleepover’ stories. 

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