The Branding and Marketing Guide for Family Day Care Educators

Everyone talks about branding and marketing, but not many of us know what it really involves. As trained education professionals, we haven’t been taught how to promote and grow our business. But without learning how to do it we are setting ourselves up for failure.

Branding and marketing is central to setting your family day care business apart from others. It is what will keep your business viable, because a strong brand will stay in the mind of your target customers and you will be who they turn to when they need family day care.

Why you need the Branding and Marketing Guide for Family Day Care Educators

This Branding and Marketing Guide for Family Day Care Educators will assist you in the development of your position in the market, what message you want to send to your clients and the calibre of educators and staff you are looking to recruit.

The 8-page JPS Branding and Marketing Guide for Family Day Care Educators contains:

  • Information to help you understand the difference between marketing and branding – learn why it is important to create a brand that connects to the emotions of your target audience.
  • A template to plan out your marketing objectives – map to your strategy to help position your family day care business in a growing and  competitive market.
  • A sample branding mood board – to help you create a visual side of your brand.
  • Branding and marketing tips – a few ideas to help you get in the groove with your marketing and branding strategy.

Download the Branding and Marketing Guide for Family Day Care Educators today and use it in conjunction with The JPS Survival Guide For Australian Family Day Care Educators and the Business Planning Template. Not only will you be giving yourself the best chance to improve your ratings, you will also be building a brand that represents the soul of your business, so you attract the right kind of customers to help your business grow.

My 5 Branding Tips For your Family Day Care Business

1) Develop a brand identity and voice

Developing a brand identity helps to connect you with the right people for the service you offer. One way you can do this is by creating a tagline. A tagline is a phrase or two that helps to convey your business values, purpose, or culture. A tagline should be short and easy to remember.

For example, I conduct all of my meetings online and have recently started using the tagline, “only a zoom away” so that my clients know how easy it is to have me working with their team, no matter where they are located geographically.

2) Online presence

Creating an online presence is a great way to build your child care business’s brand. Using online platforms, such as a website or social media, gives you the opportunity to control how your brand is presented to the world and to whom.

Having an online presence also gives you the chance to showcase your expertise, because you can create informative and educational content that helps your current and potential clients understand you. This way, you will be the first person they think of when they need the services you provide.

3) Deliver what your brand promises

If you are telling people you are better than your competitors, then you have to BE better than your competitors. Make sure you stick to your policies and procedures, and build a program that delivers what your clients need and meets the National Quality Framework. If you have my Policies and Procedures for Family Day Care Educators then you will have a program and business that supports professional practice and improvement.

4) Find Your Niche

Create a business plan to help find your competitive advantage, and then become the go-to person in that niche. You can get a The JPS Business Plan Template by signing up to my Stay Informed Newsletter here.

Perhaps you have a particular setting, or a teaching philosophy. Do you provide care for children with certain needs? Do you have smaller group sizes, or offer a particular learning environment? Are you trained in something rare and valuable?

Whatever you determine your niche to be, get out there and own it. Then make sure to include and highlight this in your branding.

5) Consistency

Finally, make sure you are consistent with your branding across everything you do, and everything you say. Your logo, brand colours, key messages, and brand voice should be clear and identifiable so your target market comes to know, like, and trust you.

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