Family Day Care Essential Applications

Become a family day care approved provider

If you are interested in becoming a family day care service provider, sometimes referred to as the ‘scheme’ or ‘agency’. Check out the range of products you will need for your applications. 

This is what you need to know.

What is an approved provider? A person or legal entity, such as a partnership or company, who hold the approval to operate an approved education and care service. 

What is their role in the service? Approved providers and nominated supervisors are required to ensure each educator, educator assistant, coordinator and educational leader are meeting the minimum requirements of the Education and Care Services National Quality Law 2010, Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, Education and Care Services National Quality Standards, Approved Learning Frameworks and the Family Assistance Law 2010.

To become an approved provider, applicants must complete an assessment process. Applicants are assessed on their individual merits, history and abilities by both state and federal regulatory authorities.

The application processes consists of:

  1. Approved Provider application to operate a family day care service under the education and care legislation, assessed by the state regulatory authority.
  2. Service Approval, how your service will meet the regulations, under the education and care national law assessed by the state regulatory authority
  3. Approved Provider to administer the Child Care Subsidy to families, assessed by the Federal Regulatory Authority.

With approvals getting harder and harder to achieve due to higher expectations of the regulatory authorities, I am here for you at each stage to support, coach and provide the right resources and information to assist you to achieve your goal.

As you go through each stage you will learn it gets more challenging and you are required to provide more, particularly at the federal level (Child Care Subsidy) which requires a fully developed business plan, policies and procedures that are directly linked to the Family Assistance Legislation and range of other requirements, this is this stage where most applicants are ‘not’ approved.

JPS can assist applicants at each stage of their application journey with a range of products, resources, coaching and advice.

Ultimately, it always comes down to the individual during the written assessments, so, if you are looking for someone to do the application and all the documentation for you, simply to submit, then JPS is not for you.

I work with applicants that use my resources, templates and coaching to position themselves as business owners and approved providers that meet the expectations of the education and care sector and are prepared to to do the hard work.

If you are prepared to work for your goal, I am here for you!