Educators in Family Day Care

Your Home, Your Business.

Family day care educators operate a small business from their own home, that needs to comply with the Education and Care Regulations and Standards and are liable for fines of up to $2,000 per incident. 

Running a home business brings a range of benefits and challenges; you can work your own hours, set your own income and deliver your own program, but if you don’t know how to optimise a business, including fee setting and utilisation, you may not be making the income you want and worse be at risk.

At JPS, we advocate for and see family day care as the optimal early childhood model, it allows for children to:

The Business of a Family Day Care Educator Course is designed to be used in conjunction with The JPS Advisers Family Day Care Survival Guide (free with the course), the JPS Youtube Channel, Blog Posts and my weekly Newsletter.

All the resources for you in one place to support your family day care journey.  


Professional Development for Educators in Family Day Care

By now, we are all very aware of the value and shift to self- education, I advocate for it, I’ve taken control of my own professional improvement for more than 20 years and look where I got to.

By taking control of your own professional improvement, educators in family day care get to set the direction of their own business and career.

Remember, it’s your home and it’s your business! 

So where do you start when planning your own professional development? For most of our career our training and qualifications have been dictated by our chosen field, child development and program development, NOT business, clients and fee setting. So if you want  to run a successful home business, understanding business principles is vital to your success. The Business of a Family Day Care Educator Course is the best starting point. 

As a family day care business owner, it’s up to you if your business is to grow and succeed. 

You can always book a chat with me, a recognised education and care expert to answer, guide, motivate or clarify anything along the way.