Child Care Subsidy Application - Strategic Business Plan



And now with  an 18 month ‘Exclusion Period‘ being imposed. You MUST get it right the first time if you are to offer the families enrolled CCS. 

The application for approval to administer the Child Care Subsidy has the highest rate of rejection.

The Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) have imposed this exclusion period on applications where approval is rejected.

This application is the most difficult and can take years to be granted and now it is even more difficult.

The CCS Strategic Business Plan is designed to ensure you have everything in place to administer the Child Care Subsidy, it will guide you through what you need to have in place for the compliant administration of the CCS. 

Protect yourself from adding further time to the already lengthy processes by getting it right the first time.

Your Child Care Subsidy application has to prove you have all of the right processes and systems in place. 

This plan contains the strategy required to operate a compliant family day care service that is ‘fit and proper’ to administer and protect Government funds. 

The CCS Strategic Business Plan Template has been designed by me to prepare you for the compliant administration of the Family Assistance Law in your family day care service by proving you have systems and processes  and considered all aspects of operation to meet both the Minister’s and Secretary’s rules. 

When applying to administer the CCS you are required to be fully prepared on how your service WILL operate. 

So if you have been successful in your Approved Provider application, it’s time to start preparing for your Service Approval AND your CCS Approval.  By preparing these two applications together, you will be in the best position possible to be granted approval. See policies and procedures here.

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