Child Care Subsidy Application - Strategic Business Plan


So, it’s time to prepare your Child Care Subsidy Application for approval. You have the first two approvals required to become an approved provider to operate an education and care service, now you just have to get the final and most difficult of the three applications, prepared and submitted. 

Now is the time to ensure you have everything in place to be operational and offer Child Care Subsidy to your enrolled (or proposed) families. And your approval will hinge on your Child Care Subsidy Application. 

This application is the most difficult and where everything you have worked on previously all needs to ‘link together’.

And again, I can support you and provide with the right information, support, coaching and documentation , but ultimately it will come down to you and the assessment you will be required to undertake with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (Federal Government) as part of your child care subsidy application. 

The Family Assistance Law is very clear about responsibilities and accountabilities and how the approvals are granted. This ‘strategic‘ business plan is designed to ensure you have the right strategies in place to get your business/service to not only meet the legislation and get your approval but to commence operating a compliant education and care service that meets the National Standards.

Your Child Care Subsidy has to make you shine and stand out. 

I have provided you with the strategy, you just have to identify how you are going to implement that strategy.  Don’t forget, I am only a click away!

Why is it important to have a fully developed business plan when applying for Child Care Subsidy. The business plan you provide to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment has to ‘tell’ the Department how your service will be operating and what plans, measures and strategies you have in place to protect taxpayer money. The value of a well thought out and developed business plan is also of great benefit to you as it sets you up to commence operating your service with your best foot forward, so to speak. The business plan, will help you develop your strategy in:

  • Continual improvement
  • Compliance
  • Finances 
  • Recruitment 
  • Training 
  • Monitoring 
  • Marketing and Advertising 

and the list goes on. 

The CCS Strategic Business Plan has all of the considerations you need to plan for and show the Department you are prepared to take on the responsibility of administering taxpayers money. 

The CCS Strategic Business Plan Template has been designed by me and has already taken into consideration the following:

Make sure your Child Care Subsidy Application is thorough and well presented. 

1. Update the business plan to suit you and your circumstances.

What are your long-term goals? A business plan helps you develop a long-term vision and strategy. It is where you can set your goals for your marketing and finance, and help give clarity to the structure and operations of your business. 

2. How do you intend on achieving your goals?  

Setting and achieving professional goals leads to higher job satisfaction and a feeling of fulfilment, but how do you communicate your ability through your business plan? How will you do it?

3. Remember, knowledge is power: 

What skills and knowledge are you bringing to the sector? You need to have a commitment to understanding early childhood education and care service delivery  to ensure you are well positioned to monitor educators registered with your service.

4. Review your Business Plan prior to submission. Make sure you do a final review of your plan prior to submission. The plan must address and clearly articulate your governance arrangements, how decisions will be made, what reporting structures you will have in place and how you will protect government funds and manage situations when something goes wrong. 

Find out more about the Child Care Subsidy.

5. Strengthen your policies as you go.

As you build your CCS Application make sure you take the time to review your policies and procedures to ensure:

– They are compliant

-The policies are current

-The policies reflect your planned procedures accurately. 

Your policies underpin everything you do in your business. Every member of your team needs to know what their role is, including families enrolled in your service. Having sound policies and procedures means you can incorporate the relevant legislation into all that you do. 

6. Strive to achieve Meeting the National Standard within 12 months of operation.

It is in every provider’s best interest to continue to improve as their service. Why? Well, the bottomline is the better the rating, the more families will want to enrol in your service. 

While we are all here to make an impact on the life of each child in our care, we are still business owners and we need to be making money to remain viable and your financial planning will also be required with your submission. 

7. Simplify the legislation:

It is absolutely imperative that you know and understand what is expected of you. However, there is no denying that legislation can be difficult to interpret but as an approved provider it is your role to ensure you are aware of the obligations of the Family Assistance Legislation

8. Get inspired: 

Preparing an application can be a lonely experience. If you want your thinking challenged, discuss an issue or just need support. I am always available and you can schedule some time with me here. 

10. Connect with others in our industry: 

Join our facebook group for more support, you can always ask our community or share your proven strategies. I look forward to seeing you in there.

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