Child Care Subsidy Application - Strategic Business Plan


So, you have now achieved the the first two approvals under the state requirements to operate your family day care service, congratulations!

Now is the time to ensure you have everything in place to be operational and offer Child Care Subsidy to your enrolled (or proposed) families.

This application is the most difficult and where everything you have worked on previously all needs to ‘link together’.

And again, I can support you and provide with the right information, support, coaching and documentation , but ultimately it will come down to you and the assessment you will be required to undertake with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (Federal Government).  

The Family Assistance Law is very clear about responsibilities and accountabilities and how the approvals are granted. This ‘strategic‘ business plan is designed to ensure you have the right strategies in place to get your business/service to not only meet the legislation and get your approval but to commence operating a compliant education and care service that meets the National Standards.

This is it! It’s time for you to shine.

I have provided you with the strategy, you just have to identify how you are going to implement that strategy.  Don’t forget, I am only a click away!

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