Family Day Care Service Review/Assessment


We can all agree that you never really know what’s going on in educators homes, it’s the reality of family day care. So, of course there are many and varied measurers and systems needed to operate a compliant family day care service, leading to many providers reporting a feeling becoming overwhelmed, exhausted or ‘stuck’. 

The Service Assessment will identify your ‘benchmark’ and set you a new one. Imagine the Regulatory Authority came for a spot visit and left you with a Quality Improvement Plan tailored to your service’s needs. That’s what I will do, conduct the assessment and provide you with a QIP and ensure you have the strategies to implement it. 

Are you;

– Using the right approach, strategy and/or training for your NQS goals?

– Addressing your service’s barriers to improvement?

– Committed to achieving an improved rating at your next NQS Assessment?

I will develop a quality improvement plan and work with you to ensure your long and short term goals and requirements are achieved.

I will provide you with solutions and actions you can take to:

  1. Continually meet the requirements of the Education and Care National Law and Regulations 
  2. Build a strong, capable, competent leadership team, improving your governance and leadership
  3. Improve your Service’s Rating. 
  4. Improve your Service’s reputation. 
  5. Grow your business.

This ‘stress free’ assessment will result in;

  1. Being informed of the likely rating you would currently achieve.
  2. Determining the source, or sources of possible non-compliance or barriers to improvement.
  3. Get a start on your quality improvement plan tailored to your needs.
  4. A training and professional development plan to achieve your goals.

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If you have any questions about booking an assessment for your service, schedule a free chat with me here.