3 Resources To Register As An Educator With A Family Day Care Service In Australia

If you are a qualified educator and are not currently working, you may be considering registering with a family day care service.

The current situation means many parents are working in essential services such as grocery stores and health services, and family day care will enable them to continue working while their children are being cared for in a home environment away from crowded childcare centres. This is because family day care educators work from home and care for only a small number of children.

Here are three resources to help you set up:

Printable Home Checklist

This home assessment checklist get it here, is what an educator working from home caring for children needs to achieve and maintain in order to meet safety requirements for children under the National Quality Standards.

Business Plan Template for Family Day Care

Business planning gives you direction and assists you to avoid any potential unforeseen issues. Business planning will:

  • Identify your strengths and what sets you apart from your competitors, therefore informing your marketing and promotional material
  • Identify your weaknesses, allowing you to be prepared for risks or develop a professional development plan for yourself
  • Identify your threats, what are your competitors offering? Who is your client demographic; education? employment?
  • Identify your opportunities, where you are placed in your market, 

This business planning guide has been created with family day care educators in mind and will set you on the right path for establishing, reviewing and growing your business.

The cost is $14.99

You can download it here: https://jpsadvisers.com.au/product/business-planning-template/

Online Learn and Know Sessions with JPS

Consultations with family day care expert Jodie Signorino, from JPS Family Day Care Advisers cost $35.00 and run for 30 minutes to discuss and get advice for your specific circumstances

Book your session here

For more information on family day care in Australia, please head to the JPS Family Day Care Advisers Website:


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