Coaching and Mentoring


for family day care, no matter where you are on your journey…

  • “You really understood my goals and expectations and guided me through, your approach was professional and you cleared all of my queries, and made sure I knew what I needed to make informed decisions for my business plan. I was very confident going into the assessment” “I would recommend each and every person to speak with Jodie, I can feel the difference with her guidance” K. Kumar (Approved Provider) Victoria. 


  • “I never really understood Governance until now, and I’ve been in education and care management for 5 years”. O. Abou-eid (Approved provider) Victoria.

Coaching has been successfully used for years …

Ever wondered how coaching can improve your family day care business?

Coaching has been used successfully in business and sports to get the best out of individuals and teams and will do the same for you and your business. Remember the better the ‘business’ the better the ‘service delivery’.


Coaching for you and/or your team will:

– Prepare you for the face to face assessments with Authorised Officers of the Department’s, both state and federal. 

– Build knowledge and the ability to apply the National Quality Standards across your service (including strategies for engaging  educators)

– Improve the delivery of the educational programs being offered across the  service (Approved Learning Framework/s), including evidence

– Instil critical reflective attitudes and practices in your leadership team

– Set quality improvement strategy and direction (including Self-Reflection and Quality Improvement Plan development)

– Identify professional development needs and opportunities across the service

– Train and resource you and your service to achieve your desired rating in the National Quality Rating and Assessment.

How it works…

You and I will commence with one free online session to introduce ourselves, identify your goals, current circumstances and how I may assist. To assist you in your decision, I have broken down the common goals (client needs) I generally assist with:

– Approved Provider Assessment (2-3 Hours)

– Service Approval Application (4-5 Hours)

– CCS Approved Provider Assessment (10-15 Hours)

– Compliance Assessments (6-8 Hours)

– Ratings and Assessment Support (15-20 Hours)

As your coach, I’ll walk beside you on your journey, from goal to goal and the struggles, questions and the many decisions you’ll undoubtedly face along the way. You can trust you’re getting the right information and guidance from me, find out more about me here.

What are the benefits coaching?

 – Awareness of yourself and the situation at hand, including your role, responsibilities, obligations and perspectives.
-Self-awareness that allows you to make informed, sound decisions based on the governance structure and goals for your business.
– Mistakes are utilised as a learning opportunity, blame-free creates opportunities for learning and growth to become solution focused.
– Solution focused, does not get stuck with problems or a faced with issues and a barrage of blame as to why something didn’t work, everyone works on a ‘solution’… action.
– Take action.
– Challenges are faced with the ability to make informed decisions catering to to different perspectives, in a timely manner that drives your service forward, ‘Governance and Leadership’.

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