Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching and mentoring with Jodie.

Imagine having a regulatory officer on speed dial?

I am a recognised family day care governance expert that will guide, support and inform you through everything, from applications to sanctions and anything in between.

I am not just a person who has ‘ran’ services and has ‘management’ experience, although I do, I am so much more.

I am an experienced, trained governance adviser that won’t just tell you what I would do, but what you need to know, the strategies to achieve it and the formalities you need to have in place to be successful.

I can tell you the affects your responses, actions, behaviours or decisions can have both long and short term and how you can improve your application or alter your services trajectory.

I will assist and upskill you to interpret legislation to inform and guide your decisions and actions to achieve your goals and meet your obligations along with ensuring required formalities are in place such as documentation, reporting and evidence to prove your capabilities to the regulatory authority. 

I am trained in business, legislation, management HR/IR and teaching and am the Australian Family Day Care Adviser for ELAA (Early Learning Associations Australian).  

It is not my job to prepare your applications for approval, manage your educators or prepare for a ratings and assessment visit, that’s up to you, but I will be there for you each step of the way to ensure you are successful. 

I coach and mentor Service Providers and people applying for approvals, of which there are many, so only a limited number of coaching or mentoring places are available. 

There are very few instances when preparing applications or managing and leading a service where there is a simple yes or no answer, questions or circumstances at this level, takes time to ‘unpack’, prepare and resolve. 

Clients having already been coached or mentored by me, ALWAYS come back, it’s like having the regulatory authority, not just a colleague by their side that is available, approachable and working FOR YOU.

If you think you or your service would benefit from coaching or mentoring with me, schedule a free 30 minute, no obligation discussion to see if I am the right person for you and how we can  work together. 

Coaching or Mentoring will:

– Prepare you for the face to face assessments and discussions (interview/assessment) with Authorised Officers of the Department’s, both state and federal that only you can do.

– Build your knowledge of strategic operations and embed the National Quality Standards across your service (including policies and procedures and QIP development) 

– Prepare each application for the approvals required to operate an education and care service. 

– Measure the success and competency of each educator to improve the educational program being delivered. 

– Improve leadership capabilities. 

– Identify professional development needs and opportunities across the service

How it works…

As there is no ‘easy’ or ‘straightforward’ answers when it comes to applications, leadership or problem solving (sanctions or incident management), you get three hours (minimum) of my expertise and time, and, depending on the circumstances, we will work together over time; your hours will NEVER be lost.  

It is common with coaching or mentoring that what we are working on takes time, and if the Regulatory Department are involved, a response from them could take days, weeks or months, but I will still be here no matter how long it takes.

This is what people have said after working with me:

I couldn’t have done this without you” K. Jamal. (Successful applicant), Victoria. 

“You really understood my goals and expectations and guided me through; your approach was professional and you cleared all of my queries, and made sure I knew what I needed to make informed decisions for my business plan. I was very confident going into the assessment” “I would recommend each and every person to speak with Jodie, I can feel the difference with her guidance” K. Kumar (Approved Provider) Victoria. 

“I never really understood Governance until now, and I’ve been in education and care management for 5 years”. O. Abou-eid (Approved provider) Victoria.

I wish I knew you before I my application was rejected – I lost 2 years with the other consultant” L. Chen (Appliant) Queensland. 

I didn’t know what to do when I received the Sanction, you saved me from losing my Service Approval – I can’t thank you enough” N. James (Service Provider) NSW.