Policy and Procedures Update October 2023


The October 2023 policy update package is for FDC Service’s that have the JPS Policies and Procedures Manual in place (Simply remove the outdated policies and replace with these updated policies).

Family Day Care Service’s with the JPS Policy Manual do not have the ongoing expense of an annual subscription fee, JPS policies are updated as the legislation changes, resulting in services only having to update a small number of  policies as the legislation changes.

The following policies have been affected by the October 2023 changes,

  • Governance Policy
  • Engagement and Registration of Educators, Educator Assistants and Residents Policy
  • Assessment and Reassessment of FDC Residences and Venues Policy
  • First Aid Policy
  • Excursions, Regular Outings and Transportation of Children Policy
  • Sleep and Rest Policy
  • Participation of Students and Volunteers Policy