The Business of a Family Day Care Educator Online Course


Finally, a business course for family day care educators.
If you have found your way here, you are probably either running a family day care business from home, or wanting to.
Family day care as a home business can bring you many benefits and rewards, but it also comes with many requirements. This includes minimum training, understanding early childhood development, knowing strategies for parents, and not to mention the amount of rules and regulations you need to adhere to.
Now, your training should have covered most of these requirements. In most cases, you would have also been taught the administrative requirements of operating a family day care business, which is essentially for the Service (scheme) you are registered with so you are compliant with the regulations. However, all of that training is not about YOU!
Your training DOES NOT cover how to operate a business.
Running a business, any business, takes consideration, planning and time to make sure you are getting all the benefits you deserve, including financial, longevity and ,of course, reputation. Your business is YOUR business, and although you have chosen a highly regulated sector to work in, it is still a business, nonetheless.
I have developed the Business of a Family Day Care Educator Course for people running their own family day care from home. It covers:
  • Business planning: The what, who and how of what you do.
  • Policy development: How are YOU going to make sure everyone is on the same page?
  • Financial management: How much money do you need to turnover? What are your financial obligations and hidden costs?
  • Marketing and branding: How are you different or how do you stand out in your sector? *Succession planning: Plan and implement your long-term goals. What is next for you or your business?
  • Risk management: Stay and keep everyone safe.
All the fundamentals you need to know to grow a successful business, which includes business planning, cash flow templates and philosophy development. A must have for all family day care business operators.


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