1. Focus on the children

With our training and professional development focused on children. There is little room in the course for focusing on educators and the workforce. There are some tokenistic units, which by the way are electives in the course content. However, when students undertaking education and care training are assessed, they are assessed on the contribution to the children’s educational program and the operation of the centre or service, including family and community engagement, what is focused on us as individual is not about our wellbeing but our contribution to the sector and the value we have and commitment we have to the children, sector and professional development FOR the sector, we are conditioned into being ‘Team Players’ which hold value, but what about you and what you want? Where does that leave you? What if you career aspirations are different from the service or centre you are employed at? Does that mean they won’t benefit from your professional development. Image this “you are working in a long day care centre, but your interest lies in one day opening your own fdc service? (most centres have a professional development plan) but what if you were to study business? There is so much learning in business, let’s just say, worst case scenario, you study business, you are obligated under the centre’s policies to share any learnings with the group… business, what have you learnt, how will this support a centre based service? Well at minimum, it will inform your coworkers, how business works, the line of accountability, reporting and responsibility, so is this not beneficial? Studying a business related course will position you to: 

  • Understand the hierarchy you work in (no ambition) 
  • Prepare and add to your future development 
  • Move into a management and leadership position 
  • Support your team in understanding their position in the reporting and responsibility hierarchy 
  1. Don’t know their own worth

Do you know how much I hear “i do it for the kids” “I am ot in for the money” “we are not respected for everything we do? “ – I am FUCKING exhausted. Unless you have a charitable status – it is a job, career or business – why are we so scared to say that? IT IS NOT A FAVOUR!!! Because we are caring for children, we fell bad. Well, unless the governments make child care and aged care and patient care and the list goes on, free, then it is what it is and if you don’t have to pay your mortgage and feed your family, then volunteer your time. Just because you get paid does not make it bad! Suck it up princess! And this whole notion of ‘substituting mum’ ‘picking up parents slack’ ‘parents don’t want to be with their children’ WTF? 

  1. Don’t treat it as business 

If you are exchanging a service for money. Then it’s a business, like it or not! So just fucking accept it. Let’s make YOUR business great. You can still CARE, You can still go above and beyone! You can still LOVE! – But LOVE your business! 

Lead magnet – Business Plan 

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