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The must-have tool every family day care educator needs right now

By January 24, 2019blog

As a family day care educator, understanding the law surrounding child care is the most important knowledge you need, because the law is designed to keep children safe and protected. However, educators come from diverse backgrounds, with qualifications in education, not law. While we all know we have to follow the rules to avoid being shut down, there is a definite need for a simpler way to stay on track rather than searching through hundreds of pages of policies when you are looking for a guiding hand to remain compliant.

As as consultant in the family day care industry, I know many educators struggle with keeping on top of legislation. Educators want to develop their programs and work with children in their care. They don’t want to spend hours searching through legislation to find solutions to problems – a task which can often prove difficult because policies and procedures can sometimes be hard to interpret. So putting together a survival guide, in a simple format, was a natural solution.

The JPS Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators does not replace your service’s policies, but it will help you understand your obligations and to set goals to grow. Each section has easy to read procedures, my recommendations and  tips, and plenty of space to brainstorm your improvement plans and create your very own unique blueprint for success.

We know you want to give your business the best opportunity to thrive, so grab your copy of The JPS Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators here and JPS will post it directly to your door. We’ve included illustrations, infographics, and templates to keep the format user friendly. So, when you are having a busy day (yes, that’s every day!) and need to find a solution in a hurry, you can grab your survival guide and find the answer. It is the perfect size to keep it handy on your desk, kitchen table, or with your diary and computer so you can access it whenever you need to.

P.S. While you are waiting for your copy of The JPS Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators to arrive, you can download our Top 7 Tips for Growing Your Family Day Care Business here. It is our gift to you because we know how important your family day care business is to you.


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