Setbacks and Silver Linings in Your Family Day Care Business

One of the silver linings to appear during this pandemic is how much respect early childhood educators now have for the work we do. We have now been recognised as heroes, because not only were we at the frontline during a global health crisis, we also proved how vital we are to the economy because we enabled families to participate in the workforce in their own essential roles. 

Additionally, parents are far more informed about what we do as educators. We create a stimulating learning environment for children, as well as helping them thrive and meet their educational milestones. Families, the community, and the government no longer just see us as babysitters.

However, there is no doubt we’ve taken a set back. Just like all businesses at this time, we have felt the financial strain this pandemic has caused. And while this has been tough for all of us, I think we can come back even stronger than before.

Why? Because we now have the recognition we deserved before. And, I think we can each use this to our advantage to build the business of our dreams. We need to leverage this newfound respect and use our marketing and branding to help us make a bigger impact on families, the community, and the government.

I’ve recorded a short video about this, and I am putting together some more free content to help you market your family day care business. So, check out the video here, and watch this space for upcoming tips and resources on how to brand yourself now that we are (hopefully) over the worst of COVID-19.

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