Excursion, Regular Outing and Transportation of Children Policy and Procedures



Family day care services provide a range of transportation modes to children,with regular outings and excursions being standard practice. Modes of transport in family day care include walking, driving, public transport and with some services even offering a drop off and pick up bus service from home or between education and care services, a huge responsibility for both the service and educators. Regular outings, transportation and flexibility are the primary reasons family day care is highly sought after by families; their children get to experience local communities like they would if they were home.

Recent events; where children were left in vehicles with staff or educators not fully implementing or complying with policy including checks and risk management procedures lead to the unthinkable and the changes to regulations. The education council, in light of these tragic events, have placed stricter requirements on education and care services transporting children to ensure their safety.

Amendments to the Education and Care Regulations will come into effect as of 1st October 2020. Make sure your policies, procedures and corresponding forms are up to date to meet the new regulatory requirements before then and ensure any changes are communicated to educators or anyone involved in the transportation of children to ensure the changes are in effect by the due date.

Never forget; although policies are designed to protect children, when they are fully implemented they are also designed to protect everyone, including service’s and educators.

What this pack includes to help you remain compliant with the transportation of children:

Done-for you- policy and procedures

Writing policies and procedures can be difficult and timely, so I have done the hard work for you. I have updated the Excursion, regular outing policy and procedures to include the transportation of children within a family day care service. This pack includes a done-for- you policy that you can implement immediately in your service. It contains procedures so that all stakeholders know what is expected of them, so that your service is compliant and the children in your care are safe.

This policy is also suitable for services offering a bus service to children and families and reflects the amendments to the Education and Care National Regulations. In addition, this policy includes the new requirements, updated risk management form, new parent permission form and instructions for what you need to consider for your service.

Risk Management Assessment Tool

We know there have been a few instances of children being left on buses, with one case resulting in the death of a child. No one wants to see that and these additional measures are to ensure everyone in your service has procedures and safety measures in place to ensure that never happens again. But, it is not only the risk to children being left in vehicles, there are many risks to consider when conducting transportation of children and  regular outings. These include things such as:

  • How are children monitored at the local park and use the toilet facilities?
  • What to do if there are dogs off leash parks?
  • How to cross roads safely?
  • How to record and manage ‘near misses
  • Awareness of water safety
  • Strategies to handle strangers
  • What happens if confronted with wild weather
  • Awareness of snakes … and the list goes on.

I have completed the risk management assessment tool with a number of examples for you and your service to consider when arranging or approving regular outings and the transportation of children. I can’t stress enough how important risk assessments are to keep children safe, and to protect you as a business owner.

Remember, if you need to discuss anything at all about your particular circumstances, I am only a zoom away. You can schedule here. 


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