The JPS Survival Guide For Australian Family Day Care Educators


The JPS  Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators takes the formality out of the legislation surrounding running a child care business from home. There is so much to consider as far as legislation and policy. 

After decades of working in the child care sector, Education and Care expert Jodie Signorino has blended her knowledge of need-to-know procedures with tips and advice to help educators think about, develop, and grow their own child care business.

This companion guide and workbook will become a trusted resource for any educator committed to providing quality child care to children in their community and will help you to:

  • understand how to apply the regulations for your particular circumstance
  • implement strategies to ensure documentation is up to date and confidential
  • develop professional processes to meet the service’s policies and procedures 
  • understand fines (up to $10,000) and how they apply to you 
  • develop your own Quality Improvement Plan 
  • know your rights and how to choose a reputable service provider

The guide is packed with information and also acts as a workbook you can write in.  It features a break down of legislation and is packed with tips and recommendations from Jodie to help your business thrive. You’ll have plenty of room to brainstorm and plan your strategies for success along with documenting your goals and progress.

The JPS  Survival Guide for Australian Family Day Care Educators  is the best investment  you will make in securing yourself in this growing child care sector.

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