Policies and Procedures for Family Day Care Educators


Policies and Procedures allow you to run the your business your way!

Policies and Procedures is what set you apart from everyone other family day care educator and can be difficult to say the least to write and get right.

I’ve done them for you. A family day care educator is required to operate their home business within the National Quality Framework. This places a lot of pressure on educators to get their policies right. The Approved Provider is responsible to provide you with the approved service’s policies but it your responsibility to implement them, and yours within your home business.

Check out my Business of a Family Day Care Educator Course here, by having sound business practices, including policies and procedures, not only are you able to operate a compliant education and care business, you are able to dictate how you want it to run.

These policies and procedures for family day care educators will guide your business by setting the foundations you must have to ensure you have the procedures in place to identify risk and opportunity, rectify and embed practice and ensure you remain compliant in your particular circumstances and environment and that you are safe, remember family day care educators are liable for fines under the education and care  legislation.

Your very own policies and procedures will;

  • Allow you to build compliance around your home and operations
  • Set your hours of operation
  • Choose the number and ages of children you provide care for
  • How you charge and set fees
  • Implement your own philosophy
  • Set your standard of operations
  • ‘Manage Parents’

And, if you have surpassed the service you are registered with in your professional practice, dictate your terms and conditions when registering with a new service provider.

One of the biggest risks to you and your business is your unseen competitors, who may be just around the corner.

The JPS Policies and Procedures for Family Day Care Educators is one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal to navigate everything you will face in family day care, written by me, a recognised governance and leadership expert.

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