The JPS Monitoring and Mentoring Guide


The JPS Monitoring and Mentoring guide will help anyone reflecting on the leadership aspects of their job. It is the Approved Provider’s responsibility to ensure the education and care service is complying with all related legislation and standards but we know that means a shared responsibility.  Each role in family day care requires some aspect of ‘leading others’ whether you’re an educator running your own home business, a coordinator ensuring registered educators are remaining compliant or an educational leader guiding the services educational program.

Supervising others requires sound monitoring processes, assisting others to improve and grow requires mentoring. By developing your own monitoring and mentoring style, not only will you become better at it, it will suit you and your style.

The JPS Monitoring and Mentoring Guide will help you to:

  • Develop skills and strategies to help others improve
  • Have an awareness of related legislation, implementing formal process such as ‘work reviews’ to ensure compliance
  • Design and implement communication strategies
  • A strength-focused approach to assessing others
  • Your personal style as a leader

This guide is designed to also be used in conjunction with you self-refelction and quality improvement plan development and relates to each of the Quality Areas of The National Quality Standards

Find out more about leadership and management in family day care here in the JPS Blog.

The JPS monitoring and Mentoring Guide

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Still got
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