Approval and Reassessment of Approved Family Day Care Homes/Venues Policy and Procedures


An approved provider of a family day care service is responsible for making sure homes or venues are safe and meet the National Quality Framework (NQF) which can be a challenge for the leadership team to achieve when they don’t work in the same location as the educator.

This policy will help you to establish the responsibilities of the leadership team to make sure children, educators, staff and visitors are safe at each of the family day care home or venues. This policy comes with templates to assist you to implement your home/venue assessments, including:

  • Identifying risk (low, medium and high)
  • Managing risk (time frames and consequences if risks not addressed)
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Reporting Obligations
  • Links to legislation and further resources
  • Links directly to Quality Area 2 and 7

You will receive your policy or policies in an email from JPS Advisers, titled Your JPS Advisers order is now complete.

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