‘The’ Backbone!

The nature of family day care is for educators to be self employed and manage an at home business. Family Day Care creates and allows freedom of choice for people wanting to work from home and families wishing to place their child in a home rather than centre environment. However, the approved provider is responsible and liable to ensure legal obligations are met. Policies and procedures are the foundation of setting the obligation, standard and expectation of people working or engaged in the service (stakeholders). 

Policies are the ‘tool’ used to interpret and communicate the regulations and legislation to meet the philosophy and culture of your service. As each educator’s home, surroundings, and environment is different it goes to say each educator’s education and care program is going to be different. Policies support the compliance of every home allowing educators to be flexible in the delivery of their own unique educational program. 

JPS policies and procedures are suitable for applications for both Service and Child Care Subsidy Approvals under State and Commonwealth Legislation.

The biggest challenge with policies, particularly in family day care, is making sure educators and staff are consistently implementing and reinforcing the services standards as dictated. If you have been operating your service for a number of years and are yet to achieve ‘Meeting’ under the National Quality Standard, here is the best, most sound starting point for improvement. Policies when ratified correctly should guide your service’s direction and standard.

Our policies are designed to be easily modified and individualised to meet your service’s needs; are reflective of the approved practice principles and meet the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations for the purpose of Service Application and Service Operation.

You can purchase policies individually, as a manual or as a update to the Child Care Subsidy System.

Jodie has worked in governance for over 12 years and has designed a governance program starting with the policies and procedures that will see you establish or improve your family day care service in an achievable and reasonable amount of time.

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