JPS Advisers come to you!

Unsure of what is really going on in educators homes?

Feel like you’re putting procedures in place yet no-one is following them or you just have more and more processes to monitor?

Are your educators implementing your policies and procedures?

JPS will visit your service to identify immediate and long term risks. You will be given strategies and support to:

  1. Meet your obligations under the Education and Care National Law
  2. Determine where you are likely to be rated (should you get rated now)
  3. Develop a Quality Improvement Plan to achieve your Ratings goal

This is a ‘stress free’ way to see your service through a legislative lens, and will assist in:

  • Preparation for Ratings and Assessment
  • Determine source, or sources, of possible non-compliance or barriers to improvement 
  • Strengthen governance and secure your Approvals
  • Develop professional practice and standards across your service

What People Say!

“This has without a doubt, been the best experience for me as a manager and for the coordinators, I have seen so much improvement since undertaking the review” F. Ieremia. Sunbury. Victoria.

“A light went on!” M. Taleb. Glenroy. Victoria.

“My coordinators are so much more efficient. I feel we are now heading in the right direction. I enjoyed my holiday for the first time since having this business” I. Mohammad. Ascot Vale. Victoria.

“It just makes so much sense” N. Salaad. Sydenham


Don’t wait until you’re being assessed! 

Visit Details

Cost: $999.00


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