JPS Advisers was founded by Jodie Signorino. Jodie has over 30 years industry experience in service provision, training, management and governance. Jodie established JPS after working with a family day care advisory group she established, this is where she recognised the need for stronger business strategies, governance and more robust management for family day care. 

Jodie is committed to family day care as a quality child care option for families, with wonderful benefits for children and has coached and supported over 1000 people to either get approval to operate (with a 98% success rate); improve a quality and rating standard, the educational program or operating procedures in preparation for growth and improvement.

Governance, no matter how big or small your business is or which stage you are at in your journey is the key to success. JPS will not only support the establishment, leadership and monitoring of your service but will enable you to get your business to the next level in profit, utilisation and quality. We all know business’, like a house are only as good as their foundations, so when you think of JPS, think of reblocking your house for an extension, because generally speaking; no matter how big the bedroom you want to put upstairs, it’s the foundations that will support it.

Jodie has put all her skills, knowledge and experience into a range of resources, saving you hours of work, and can coach you through the implementation of each, allowing you to meet your targets, whatever they may be; there is no reason your business can’t grow and improve with JPS and that’s a promise! Find out why Jodie’s methods are quickly becoming sought after, you only have to talk to her once to understand why the most common response she hears is “ahhh, that makes sense”and with the ever increasing expectation and scrutiny of family day care governance, now is the time for it to make sense.

A little about Jodie…

Jodie is passionate that children have quality experiences which comes from her days of working as an educator with children and their family’s where she embraced the rights of the child, she has studied Early Childhood Development, Management of Human Services, Adult Learning, Training and Facilitation, business strategies including HR/IR and Governance, she also believes people who work directly with children should be considered and consider themselves ‘educators‘ in every sense of the word and business owners operating services should have the highest standard of governance with professional practice, supporting a more robust education system, to which we are ethically and legally bound to contribute to.

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What We Know About Family Day Care:

  • The leadership teams are new to management or have little or no training in management and leadership
  • We know over 70% of family day care services are still not achieving Meeting under the National Quality Framework
  • We know family day care operates in tight-knit communities which can bring risks to providers 
  • We know legal liability lies with the Approved Provider 
  • Family day care educators can be subject to fines from the Regulatory Authority
  • We know educators are the service’s biggest asset, AND RISK!
  • We know sub-standard training has been delivered by some RTOs
  • We know both state and federal governments have cited Governance as the number one problem in family day care 

But what we know most: children in family day care are loved!

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