JPS Advisers was founded in 2014 by Jodie Signorino. With extensive industry experience behind her in management and governance, she established and worked with a FDC advisory group to identify the strengths, needs, risks, characteristics and, of course, potential growth and development of family day care services.

Through this process, Jodie realised family day care providers and educators were lacking advice and support to help them start and build a compliant and successful business. As a result, she established JPS Advisers to offer coaching, training, support, advice, advocacy and contextualised resources and training to family day care businesses.

JPS Advisers are committed to quality early childhood experiences and we believe fdc to be the ultimate blend for children and their families. We are passionate, experienced and well resourced to meet ‘any‘ need you have in your family day care service. JPS Advisers work with Approved Providers and Nominated Supervisors to implement robust governance strategies tailored to each service and we work with educators to build their home business and educational program to make them stand out in this now competitive field.

What We Know:

  • We know many providers are new to education and care service management
  • We know over 70% of services are not complying with the National Quality Framework
  • We know family day care operates in tight-knit communities
  • We know legal liability lies with the approved provider
  • We know educators are the service’s biggest asset, AND RISK!
  • We know sub-standard training is delivered by some RTOs
  • We know in many cases it’s the documentation letting services down

But what we know most: children in family day care are well cared for and loved!

What We Do

JPS Advisers work with providers and educators who run a family day care business, or who are thinking of starting one. We work with you through the process of getting approved and then, once you are established, we help ensure your business is compliant and thriving.

For service (scheme) providers, we can offer; 

  • Helping you write your resume to commence an application 
  • Compiling a customised business plan
  • Providing you with the policies you require to be compliant
  • Working with you to implement core governance strategies and monitoring techniques
  • Offering you training and consultation in management and communication skills
  • Helping you engage your true client: the families!
  • Undertake an Independent Audit of your service from a Governance perspective (Quality Area 7)
  • Risk Assessment (All Areas)
  • Training and Coaching
  • Support and Advice

For educators we offer:

  • Home assessments in accordance with education and care regulations
  • Assessment of your educational program in accordance with Approved Learning Frameworks
  • Assistance in developing engagement strategies for families
  • Assessments to improve your businesses
  • Helping you create an engaging environment
  • Training and resources to help you grow your business
  • Support and Advice

Why JPS?

Because you want a quality family day care service, steadily going higher in their Ratings and Assessment, and safe from government scrutiny. And, we can help you achieve your goals.

Jodie Signorino is a recognised expert in family day care governance and quality improvement. She has over 30 years experience in service delivery, management, governance training and facilitation.

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